Contact: Grant Johnson

ENOCH, based out of Northern California, consists of a team of creative technical talent including writers, videographers, composers, lyricists, vocalists, graphic designers, animators and artists. ENOCH has a complete video production and editing solution, including motion graphics and design, plus a complete extensive sound studio including an arsenal of top keyboards and sounds, musical instruments, and high end Neumann mics. We specialize in creative production, post processing, soundtracks, kinetic text and animations, and website development. We’re a one-stop company that can film your event, create your next commercial ad or jingle, documentary, infomercial, or help build a comprehensive online presence.

We specialize in getting your organization found on the Internet (Search Engine Optimization) using rich media content on dot com sites and all social media platforms including Vimeo, Facebook, and Youtube.
On the video production side we use multiple HD video cameras in event shoots including crane and dolly shots as needed, professional lighting, microphone and sound equipment, etc.

Our team is ready to help inspire, create, and produce your next project.